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A good city website design

I would like to discuss about the good design of city website. Today, many cities in China are developing fast. They need their own website to promote their products, service, travel and etc. At the same time, the website can attract more people to visit the city.

The website can also help the city to attract more tourists. For example, there are many beautiful places, historical buildings and so on in Beijing. Many people in the world want to visit Beijing. However, they don’t know where to stay and where to go. They are confused. If they can visit the city website, they will get the information easily. So they can plan their trip in Beijing.

However, not all the city website is good. Some of them are not attractive enough. They have some problems. The first one is that there are many ads and pop-up windows on the website. It is annoying for the visitors. The second one is that the website is not easy to use. The third one is that the website is not attractive enough. It has not good design.

I think that a good website should be attractive, easy-to-use, and it should not have any ads or pop-up windows.