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Juan Pablo Olivera​

Helping SMB and Enterprise Companies Develop Successful Cloud Strategies.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect | DevOps Engineer


15+ years in the IT industry.



As a cloud specialist, I can jump-in at any stage of the cloud journey:

I follow the AWS Well-Architected Framework and best practices in the industry to ensure these objectives are met. I’ll personally walk you through each step of the process and deliver high-quality documentation and architecture diagrams. 

Moving existing workloads to the cloud can be challenging. Business continuity is a must for most companies and it also is for me.

Once you are up and running in the cloud the journey is just starting.

👉 I’ll become your trusted adviser and work as part of your team to provide proactive monitoring, automation, and management of your cloud and server infrastructure. This involves building effective CI/CD pipelines for your development team.

Although moving to the cloud can heavily reduce your TCO, it needs constant optimization and tuning to achieve the highest performance at the lower cost.

👉 I will issue a full audit at the business and technical level to ensure that your resources are used in the best possible way.

My Bio

AWS Certified Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer with 15+ years in the IT industry. I will work with you and your team to design, implement and operate reliable cloud solutions that scale to meet your business goals.


I help Enterprise customers succeed in their journey with Platform.sh from on-boarding to continued partnership. This involves coordinating the efforts of our team, including Support, Operations and 
Management, in order to meet customers expectations.

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Montevideo, Uruguay


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